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Rising fuel costs, combined with the recent economic downturn, have had a dramatic effect on the Upper Valley regions of Vermont and New Hampshire. One of our greatest energy expenses is currently found in the costs of heat and hot water for homes and businesses. Increasing awareness of the environmental impact associated with burning fossil-fuels indicates that it is clearly time for us to take more sustainable measures in our energy usage. AHT Inc. Plumbing & Heating is committed to implementing the most efficient plumbing and heating systems to help alleviate rising utility costs and reduce emissions.



AHT Inc can assist you in reducing your overall energy usage, heating and hot water costs by up to 40%. We specialize in comprehensive system design, installation and service of energy-saving plumbing and heating systems for residential and commercial clients. These systems may include alternative energy technologies that utilize solar and solid fuel sources for sustainable on-grid or off-grid plumbing and heating.

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Supplementing your condensing gas-fired or oil-fired boiler with an active solar hot water system can reduce the costs associated with heating hot water significantly! Contact us for more info.

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